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Spinal Reflexology

Spinal Reflexology is a very relaxing treatment involving gentle mobilisation of the spine and muscle release techniques. It is very effective at treating most forms of back and neck pain. Sciatica or leg pain caused by the spine and pelvis also responds well to spinal reflexology.
Spinal Reflexology is a relaxing and gentle […]

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The Circulatory System and Reflexology

Have you ever noticed when you have been sitting for a very long time, your feet?
Perhaps on a transatlantic flight or a cross-country drive? They may look puffy, swollen, or discoloured because the circulation of blood in your body hasn’t been energised for a while. In other words, you didn’t […]

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Foot Massage and Reflexology differences

As far as massage goes, I can see where people get confused too because a lot of massage therapists are also reflexologists. A little warm up of the feet, similar to massage, happens in a reflexology session, but the bulk of the session is not about massage but specific pressure point reflexing. […]

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More About Reflexology

Reflexology has been used for centuries.  It is thought to have originated in ancient Egypt.  It is not a medical approach in the usual sense of the word but rather a holistic approach that is complementary to more traditional conventional medicine.

It is a touch therapy which works by applying pressure and massage to […]

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My First Time… (at Olympia that is)!

The weekend of the 25th/26th and the 27th October, I had the fantastic opportunity working as a student reflexologist with the CLCR at the Mind, Body and Soul Experience at Olympia.

First day, and my first time working anything like this was an amazing experience, although I had the feelings of anxiety and anticipation the […]

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