As far as massage goes, I can see where people get confused too because a lot of massage therapists are also reflexologists. A little warm up of the feet, similar to massage, happens in a reflexology session, but the bulk of the session is not about massage but specific pressure point reflexing. Beyond the initial warm up of the feet, I find the experience of reflexology to be entirely different than a massage, although both are relaxing and stimulate circulation.

The foot reflexology process is different than a massage of the feet would be. In foot reflexology, there are very specific reflex points for all the organs and each reflex is pressed in on and worked in a full session. The heart, Liver, the spleen, the colon, the lungs, the kidneys, the bladder and other areas of the body are represented in the feet and stimulating the reflex points for a specific organ can help bring more cleansing blood and increased circulation into that area of the body.

One reason it is so easy to confirm the accuracy of foot reflexology is that the reflexes associated with problem areas in the body may show hardness, crystals under the skin or tenderness which may sometimes be quite acute. With any chronic health condition, it is quite common for the reflex governing that area of the body to be very sore. This is one way the reflexologist can determine if there is congestion in any area of the body.