The weekend of the 25th/26th and the 27th October, I had the fantastic opportunity working as a student reflexologist with the CLCR at the Mind, Body and Soul Experience at Olympia.

First day, and my first time working anything like this was an amazing experience, although I had the feelings of anxiety and anticipation the night before, probably like a first time on stage for any popstar! I had not a clue what to expect or how I would be received.

I arrived just before eleven, and I was amazed by the hype and the buzz of the exhibitors setting up their stations, rushing around getting ready for the onslaught of the public.

I made my way to our station, and I was quickly greeted by my college principal and other students. For many of us it was our first time at the show, so quickly we practiced on each other before being let loose on our public.

The announcement came that the doors were now open, and my first client was quickly ushered into the Lafuma for a half hour treatment. It went really well, clients relaxed quickly after a brief consultation and foot reading. We chatted a little about any areas that needed particular work on, and I explained to my clients that I would do the full sequence paying extra attention to those specific areas requested. Some came to us for the relaxation side of reflexology after shopping and spending several hours on their feet, and some with ailments that reflexology is able to support. Some clients were new to a reflexology treatment and were curious and asked questions such as; What is reflexology? What are the benefits of reflexology? How does reflexology on the feet, hand, face and ear map the body? Some made it known that I hit the points, and I in turn explained to them that they were the reflex points of reflexology. I also explained that if I should hit any crystals, (grittiness) in the areas of the reflex points, that to me suggested tension or congestion; blocked energy pathways to the corresponding organs, glands and structures that simply needed rubbing out, bringing the whole body back into balance.

For most of the day and weekend it was pretty much one on and one off, grateful for the experience and confidence it gave me.

We all had the opportunity to experience the show for ourselves too whilst on breaks. I was looking to have an Indian Head Massage and Facelift, unfortunately, for me the stand was very popular! Albeit, I had a quick massage on my neck and back with some kind of an electrical contraption that seem to vibrate through my whole body that quickly massaged out the stiffness I was feeling! I came across some unusual stands, and one in particular was the Sexy Chakra Dance stand with Toks Coker who was demonstrating fun healing movements for each of the seven chakras. Monkey Yoga was another stand I found amusing demonstrating yoga moves, where your body is entwined with ropes and swings performing awkward moves. One I found though, of interest, personally to me, was how to create a ‘holistic business that you’re passionate about’ with Faye Low. Faye is the creator of the holistic business bootcamp, an online course designed to give you the tools for success. This is one course I will consider for the future.

Overall, I found my whole experience incredible, and I would most definitely recommend this experience to anyone as a must visit, be it working, taking part or just taking it all in!