Spinal Reflexology is a very relaxing treatment involving gentle mobilisation of the spine and muscle release techniques. It is very effective at treating most forms of back and neck pain. Sciatica or leg pain caused by the spine and pelvis also responds well to spinal reflexology.
Spinal Reflexology is a relaxing and gentle treatment that works on the whole spine, helping to realign the natural structures of the vertebrae and surrounding muscles with most people feeling a great improvement after only a few sessions. spine
The movements are gentle and subtle and no joint is ever taken to its full range of motion, as this is not considered to be necessary for the treatment to be effective. There are no sudden and forceful manipulations. The treatment involves releasing muscles from spasm or tension, thereby allowing normal vertebral positioning and function to return naturally.
It is preferable to treat directly on the skin. However, the treatment can also be performed through clothing. If preferred wear something loose with jogging trousers and a t-shirt being ideal.
An excellent way to relax and release all that stress!
Spinal Reflexology can help you to gain and maintain a healthy body as treatment is applied to the whole body through the spine whether there is a problem or not. You don’t have to have something wrong with you to benefit from spinal reflexology.
The conditions that may improve as a result of spinal reflexology is a long one, involving every part of the body. The theory closely mirrors the claims made by Chiropractors and Osteopaths, but with spinal reflexology the idea is not to treat specific illnesses, but to improve the functioning and healing response throughout the body.
The nerve supply to your body, the spinal cord, runs through the length of your spine protected by the bones of your vertebrae. Any abnormality with a vertebra or the surrounding tissues can compromise the messages travelling to and from the brain through the nervous system. Correct information received by the brain is crucial to the health of every part of the body.