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Perhaps on a transatlantic flight or a cross-country drive? They may look puffy, swollen, or discoloured because the circulation of blood in your body hasn’t been energised for a while. In other words, you didn’t move much. Poor circulation, along with whatever has been prescribed medically. Blood circulates to every cell in the body through an intricate system containing over 60,000 mile of blood vessels. Reflexology encourages oxygen, blood and lymph to move through the body, assisting in proper circulation. Normal blood pressure is restored through the process of reflexology. Fresh oxygen and food move through the body as it reacts to the reflex action provided by the thumb and finger techniques.
Regular sessions of reflexology help chronic circulatory issues. A receiver may indicate during the initial intake that she or he has diabetes or raynaud’s phenomenon. Perhaps the recipient smokes or is on a medication that may affect circulation. In any of these cases, a series of at least six weekly sessions will bring about noticeable improvement. Following that, continued monthly sessions help to maintain optimum benefits and enhancement to circulation.